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selling at auction

LIvestock Exhibitors

In order to make the annual Youth Livestock Auction a success, all 4H livestock exhibitors are asked to invite buyers to attend the auction. Buyers include individuals, groups, and local businesses. We encourage every exhibitor to reach out to at least 4 potential buyers before the start of the fair.

NEW IN 2020! We’re celebrating our 2020 buyers in a big way. In order to receive your sale check after the fair, please follow these steps:

  • Pick up your buyer plaque and photo at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds on Saturday, July 25 between 6pm and 8pm when you drop off your animal for load-out
  • Deliver your buyer plaque and photo in person
  • Take a photo of you with your buyer, and your buyer plaque and photo (preferably in front of your buyer's business)
  • Submit your photo digitally to the Arapahoe County Youth Livestock Auction Committee; include your buyer's name(s), business or organization name, and social media handle

The Arapahoe Youth Livestock Committee will share all of the exhibitor/buyer photos on our Facebook page to show our appreciation to all of the buyers supporting our 4H livestock exhibitors.

invite local buyers

  • Contact local businesses and introduce yourself; share personal details about your 4H experience, your current livestock project, and your future goals
  • Invite individuals, groups, and local businesses to the 2020 Youth Livestock Auction with a personal letter
  • Let potential buyers know the auction will be held online, here on our website Saturday, July 25 from 12pm - 8pm

download buyer brochure

Easily share details about the Youth Livestock Auction with new and returning buyers.

buyer thank you letter examples

Show your appreciation for your buyer’s generosity with handwritten, thoughtful thank you notes. We’ve put together a couple example thank you notes to help you get started.

PLEASE NOTE: Thank you notes are required to receive your sale check. Please provide a copy of your thank you notes to the Arapahoe County Youth Livestock Auction Committee. 

we're here to help!